Gift vouchers for use on our website are available in £5 and £10 denominations.

They can be purchased in electronic or printed format – electronic vouchers will be emailed to the address supplied with the order. Printed versions will be sent to the specified shipping address. Please choose which version you prefer when selecting the gift voucher.

Use of gift vouchers

To use your gift voucher, enter the code in the top right hand corner of the voucher at the checkout in the box marked ‘coupon code’. Gift vouchers can be used for any items on the website*.

The whole value of your voucher will be applied as a cart discount. If you have more than £5 left after using a £10 voucher, we will send you another voucher to the value of £5. If you have less than £5 left we will refund the remainder of the voucher after your order has been placed.

Gift vouchers are valid for three years from the date of purchase**.

At the moment we can only take gift vouchers online and not at any shows or fairs.


We are really sorry but gift vouchers do not automatically currently cover postage. This is due to a technicality with our website which we are working on, it will only discount from the shopping cart total. If you want to use a gift voucher to pay for postage, please get in touch with us before or after you have made your order.

We will be able to refund any postage you have already paid up to the value of your gift voucher if you have already placed your order.

Cancelled orders

If you choose to cancel an order that was paid for using gift vouchers, we will re-validate your vouchers. Please note our cancellation policy. Postage paid for via gift vouchers will not be refunded on returned orders.


*Very occasionally there may be items not available to purchase using gift vouchers.

**We reserve the right to alter the valid period. However this should not be less than 1 year from purchase except in unforseen circumstances. In the unlikely event of a change in the validation period, we will contact purchasers to inform them.