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Tulip ‘Purple Doll’


Rich purple lily-flowered viridiflora.


Product Description

A strong, rich purple with a narrow green central flame on each petal. ‘Purple Doll’ is a lily-flowered tulip and in the viridiflora group too, due to its unusual green markings.

Flowers are goblet-shaped with pointed petals, makes a stylish display.

Height: 45cm
Month: late April / May
Light: full sun
Soil: well drained sand, clay, loam, chalk, fertile
Type: Viridiflora tulip
Bulb size 10/11cm

Grow with similarly-shaped magenta-purple ‘Doll’s Minuet’ or in pink and purple schemes.

Care: plant in late autumn 15cm deep, after the first cold snap. Add grit to heavy or wet soils.

Additional Information

Flowering month

April, May



Plant height

25 – 50cm