Saffron crocus

Crocus sativus – saffron crocus


An autumn flowering crocus.

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Product Description

Rich lilac flowers with a silvery inner and bright orange anthers – the source of saffron.

Height: 15 cm
Month: October / Novermber
Light: full sun
Soil: sand, clay, loam, chalk – well draining, gritty, moderately fertile
Bulb size: 6cm+

Crocus sativus flowers emerge in the autumn before the leaves, which then grow for several months before dying down in late spring.

Please note these bulbs may be flowering or have flowered on receipt in the autumn, plant and they will flower again next year.

Care: plant 7-10cm deep in late summer before they flower. Plant in naturalistic drifts or in pots in a sunny spot. if planting in grass, do not mow until the leaves have died back.

Additional Information

Flowering month

October, November



Plant height

Under 25cm