Colchicum autumnale

Colchicum autumnale Major


Rosy to pale pink goblet flowers.

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Product Description

A rosy-lilac to very pale pink autumn flowering bulb, known as ‘naked ladies’ as the flowers appear before the leaves. The leaves grow in late autumn and die back the following summer. The flowers give an impressive display in autumn borders when little else is left.

Also known as Colchicum byzantinum.

Height: 20cm
Month: September / October
Light: full sun, partial shade
Soil: well drained, moisture retentive

Colchicum is best planted where the leaves are amongst other plants during growth in spring to early summer as they can be large and uninteresting. The leaves will then die back and the flowers shine on their own in the autumn.

Please note these bulbs may be flowering or have flowered when sent out in the autumn. They will flower again next year.

Care: plant at about 7-10cm in fertile, moisture retentive soil. Afternoon sun is best to encourage large, open flowers. Add grit to heavy or wet soils and do not cut leaves back until they have almost died down. All parts of the plant are poisonous.

Additional Information

Flowering month

September, October


Lilac, Pink

Plant height

Under 25cm


Partial shade, Sunny